A man embraces a dog ѕᴜffeгіпɡ from cancer, offering love and companionship during its final days.

Usually, when someone adopts a dog it is for a lifelong companion. In most cases, people want a relatively healthy dog to avoid any unnecessary medical bills. In some cases, when a dog ends up sick after adoption, the owners choose to surrender their dog to the local shelter.

This is definitely not the case with Luciano Karosas and a lovable dog named Coco.

A cancer diagnosis

Coco had been diagnosed with cancer. What was worse, it had spread to his head, causing it to swell to a massive size from the tumor inside. The poor dog had gone through four separate families since his cancer diagnosis, but they had all returned him, unable to deal with his sickness.

Sadly, the shelter staff was worried he would not be a part of a loving home before he passed.

Adopted by a loving owner

That was until 21-year-old Karosas, from Berazategui, Argentina, entered the picture. Adopting Coco, he renamed the pup Thanos, thinking it was a more fitting name for the many great battles the dog had endured so far.

Karosas was determined to give the dog a loving home, even if it was only for a short period.

Karosas at first sought treatment for Thanos

Initially, Karosas was determined to help Thanos survive his cancer. He sought out ways of treatment for Thanos in the hopes that he would be able to somehow find a cure for him. Eventually, though, he had to come to grips with the reality of Thanos’ cancer.

“It took me a while to come to terms with the idea that we don’t have much time together,” he said. “I even took him to a vet who works with stem-cell treatments to see what we could do. I was looking for a ray of hope, but he told me there’s nothing that can be done to extend his life.”

Determined to make the best of the time that they had left

From that point on, Karosas was determined to make Thanos’ last moments on Earth the best. He showed the dog unconditional love and cared for him. According to Karosas, if it wasn’t for the massive tumor on Thanos’ head, most people would not even know that the dog had cancer. He ran and played like any other dog.

Thanos passes away

Sadly, two months after Karosas adopted him, Thanos passed away. Fortunately, Thanos had found the right person to help him make the best of what little time he did have. And while it might be difficult facing the loss of a pet, by making sure that you show them love, you can at least make their life that much better.

Watch the video below for more of Karosas and Thanos as they cuddle together.

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