Bear Punches a Wolf that prowling around and wanted the bear’s food

The bear struck after the wolf so that the bog was standing

– Completely raw, says the photographer who snapped a dramatic encounter between wolf and bear.

The wolves prowling around and wanted the bear’s food. When wolves attack, replied bear cash.

Linda Fjeldavli, who lives in Namsskogan, took the photo in a photo shelter at Kuhmo in Finland on Thursday this week.

– The wolves were on the hunt and were going to take the food from the bear, but it had absolutely no intention of giving anything up, she says to NRK.

Although the wolves prowled around for a long time, the bear didn’t pay much attention to them.

– Suddenly the alpha female gave notice that the other two, the alpha male and their son, should attack the bear. That’s when the bear responded, and hit one of the wolves so that the bog stood still, says Fjeldavli.

It was Namdalsavisa that first mentioned the picture.

The wolves returned

– It looks as if the bear is pawing at one of the wolves, but in fact the wolf is half a meter from the paw, she explains.

The wolves gave in in the first half, but attacked several times afterwards – without it being as fierce a confrontation.

Fjeldavli, who is originally from Mo i Rana, was in the forests towards the Russian border at a wilderness photography workshop.

Lie in hiding

The picture was taken a little after five o’clock in the day, shortly after the workshop participants came for another photo session in the hide. From there they looked out over a marshy area where food is laid out to lure the animals forward.

The photographers had barely got their equipment up before the animals arrived.

– The first to arrive are the ravens and crows. If they are there eating, the bear understands that it is safe, and then it comes too. Then the wolf comes because the bear is there, and he again knows that it is safe, explains Fjeldavli.

– Magical

– It was a very special experience. Absolutely raw, says the photographer

The photographers had been sitting in the hide for half an hour when the wolves came. And the photo moment came quickly:

– I didn’t think. I just held my breath and pressed the button. It was simply magical, says the photographer.

– The well-known nature photographer Roger Brendhagen sat next to me. He almost exploded when the wolves and bears got so close together, she adds.

– Bitten by the bacillus

Fjeldavli borrowed equipment from professional nature photographers at the workshop. It added flavor.

– I have been completely bitten by the bacillus, she says.

At the camp there were many great experiences in a few days. The photographer was able to take pictures of a pair of alpha wolves cuddling together in the forest. She also saw that a wolf chased away an eagle on the marsh and that five bears came there at the same time.

– We just sat completely still in the hide, and photographed without bothering the animals, she concludes


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