feагɩeѕѕ and Ьгeаtһtаkіпɡ: Allergic Pregnant Woman Fearlessly Embraces Thousands of Bees on Her Stomach for ѕtᴜппіпɡ Photo ѕһoot

Despite being allergic to them, a pregnant woman has staged a photoshoot with thousands of bees on her belly. Pregnancy is a precious moment in a woman’s life, and these days it is celebrated in various ways. Baby showers and gender reveal parties are popular events, but photoshoots have also become a popular way to commemorate the arrival of a new family member. Maternity shoots, in particular, are meant to showcase the beauty and excitement of this special moment. These shoots can be based on various themes and can take place both indoors and outdoors, with props such as flowers and other decorative items. However, there have been instances where more unconventional elements have been incorporated into the photoshoot, as is the case with the striking example we will discuss here.

Despite being allergic to bees, a pregnant woman stages a photoshoot with thousands of them on her belly.

When commercial beekeeper Bethany Karulak-Baker made the decision to have a maternity photoshoot after becoming pregnant, it felt only natural to incorporate her job and life into it. However, Bethany opted for something that might make most people cringe: she arranged the shoot in such a way that thousands of bees were positioned on her belly. Perry and Bethany challenged themselves with this unique photoshoot, working with their beehives to create a “beard” of bees around her eight-month-pregnant stomach. The first concern was the potential for allergies. Bethany explained, “I have a local reaction where I develop welts that itch and can last up to six weeks. They can be extremely annoying but not dangerous at all.” Bethany was initially terrified but sought approval from doctors prior to the shoot. As a result, the couple decided to use nurse bees, which are more gentle and easier to handle.

Despite being allergic to bees, a pregnant woman stages a photoshoot with thousands of them on her belly.

Finding a photographer became the next challenge, as the couple went through 10 attempts before finally discovering the perfect person in Brooke Welch. Then came the logistical considerations. Bethany explained, “We securely tethered a queen bee around my belly while she was in her cage. It’s a common practice to place queens in cages, and it doesn’t harm them in any way. Once we fastened her around my belly, we had to ensure the temperature was optimal (cloudy and cool) and decided to work with nurse bees (known for their gentle nature). We selected frames filled with nurse bees and carefully removed them from the hive. I held a folder beneath my belly, and we gently poured the bees onto my belly, allowing them to climb up from the folder and form a ‘beard’ around the queen in her cage.”

Despite being allergic to bees, a pregnant woman stages a photoshoot with thousands of them on her belly.

Approximately 10,000 bees were featured in the photos of Bethany’s stomach, and she didn’t get stung once. The photographs quickly went viral, and fortunately, Bethany expressed that “the response has been overwhelmingly supportive, kind, and loving.” She added, “Many women have come forward to share their own experiences of suffering a miscarriage. Others have placed orders for honey from our commercial honey business. Of course, there are a few people who don’t understand bees or beekeeping, so naturally, there are a few negative internet armchair warriors.” For Karulak-Baker, this pregnancy hasn’t been an easy journey. She had previously experienced a miscarriage. She asks viewers not to see the photos merely as a depiction of her belly buzzing with bees but instead as a testament to her bravery and courage as a woman, and as a way of showing her unborn child that their mother is a hero.



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