Fleet of 38 UFOs Passed Very Close to the Moon

An amateur astronomer claims to have made the best discovery of his life. He was trying to snap a picture of the Moon because the sky was perfect for it, but upon closer look, he spotted a huge dark object flying past it.

After a few seconds passed and he got ready to start recording it even more flying objects were seen through the camera lenses, 38 to be precise, all traveling at incredibly high speeds.

According to him, there was no way that this was just a trick of the light nor a series of bugs or flies that were passing by the lens flares as he started to record. He already took into consideration the speed of the planet’s rotation and the moon’s rotation too to solidify his case.

But, sadly enough the general consensus that specialists and researchers came up with is that this video was in fact manipulated.

They didn’t go too into what exactly makes it fake in the first place, but according to them it was in fact manipulated so it shouldn’t be taken into consideration when discussing the actual verified proof of Unidentified Flying Objects that we have out there. The video can be looked over and analyzed by anyone, but the experts are experts for a reason.


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