Graphic Encounter – Komodo Dragon Devours Live Monkey Whole in Disturbing Video

Komodo dragons are the world’s biggest lizards. They can grow upto 3 metres and weigh upto 70 kg. Owing to their size, they dominate most of the other beings that roam in their vicinity and ambush their preys which include birds, mammals and invertebrates. It is believed that a komodo dragon has a venomous bite, as its lower jaw is supposed to secrete toxic proteins.

Recently, a shocking video went viral, in which a Komodo dragon can be seeing swallowing a live monkey whole. The video looks nightmarish and not everyone can watch it, especially maybe not after (or before) eating food. But if you think you can, here you go.

The 10 feet Indonesian lizard seem to be guzzling down the monkey like its noodle! To tell you for sure, it swallowed it whole in just six gulps.

We enter the video when the monkey is almost half way down Komodo’s throat and soon it disappears completely.

Komodo dragon is the native of Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores and Gili Motang and is considered one of world’s most fearsome predators. It is known to normally feast on deer, snakes and pigs. They can run as fast as 15 miles per hour, and can prey on beings which are about 80% their size. Its saliva is believed to have 50 different types of bacteria.

Even though humans are rarely their victims, there have been four reported deaths till date. So, if you happen to come across one of these, don’t try to pet them.


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