Gravity-Defying Lioness: Watch Her Daring Escape from 7 Male Lions

This lioness climbed the highest tree around to escape the love interest of 7 male lions that were after her.

Rosa Swart, a seasoned wildlife enthusiast, had this extraordinary experience during one of her annual visits to the park. She shared her story and images with

“When we were working and could only go to Kruger once a year for 3 weeks, we would leave the camp at gate opening time and return at gate closing time. They were long, hot, tiring days, but we couldn’t miss a minute of not being out looking for animals.”

“After two weeks of early starts, endless preparations, and non-stop exploration, I finally felt the exhaustion creeping in. I decided that the following morning I would enjoy a well-deserved lie-in and skip the morning safari drive. Little did I know that fate had other plans in store for me.”

“Despite my firm decision to stay back at the camp, my husband convinced me otherwise. Playfully teasing me, he warned that he might encounter something extraordinary, like a “lion up a tree.” These words were all it took to change my mind. I couldn’t resist the temptation of missing out on a potentially remarkable sighting, and in an instant, I was ready to head out once again.”

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“We had been driving on the S28, heading south, when we approached a tall, straight tree. My eyes widened in amazement. There, perched right at the top of the tree, was a lioness. To my surprise, beneath the tree, not one, not two, but seven male lions lay in wait. The lioness was in estrus, and in her desperate attempt to escape the relentless males, she had taken refuge at the top of the tree.”

Lioness escapes 7 male lions

“After some time, the lioness became uncomfortable and agitated; she eventually decided to jump down from the high tree.  As soon as the lioness touched the ground, the male lions chased her.”

“We were not able to see how things had ended. The lioness ran into the thick undergrowth and disappeared out of sight, with 7 very excited male lions right on her tail.”


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