Inspired by Cardi B, 50 Cent апɡгіɩу tһгew a microphone into the audience, injuring a female fan.

Learning from Cardi B, 50 Cent threw the microphone into the audience twice, causing female fans to be hospitalized

Rapper and actor 50 Cent drew criticism for tossing his microphone onto the stage at a music night at the Arena in Los Angeles, California. A female audience member below the stands had her forehead severely cut after the microphone struck it.

On September 1, a Daily Mail page discussed the incident.

Rapper 50 Cent performed as a result on the evening of August 30. Social internet videos seem to show that personnel gave the 48-year-old musician a malfunctioning microphone. He tossed it onto the stage. The staff then gave him another microphone, however this one was broken and could not be used.

The male rapper, furious, hurled the malfunctioning microphone into the stands, where his performance was being seen by onlookers. Not caring where he flung the microphone, 50 Cent carried on with his performance after getting it back in working order.

Sadly, Bryhana Monegain, a female audience member, suffered cuts and blооd after the microphone struck her in the forehead. To receive care for her wounds, she was brought to the hospital. The Power 106 radio program’s host, Bryhana Monegain, reported the event to the police, who then opened an inquiry.

According to the rapper 50 Cent’s attorney, he had no maliciоus intent. “My client never purposefully attacked someone with a microphone, as I informed the police. Lawyer identify: “Any statements or claims that contradict this are untrue and untrue.”

Before, a person connected to rapper 50 Cent claimed that Bryhana Monegain was not permitted to stand and was standing in a prohibited place since she was near the stage. Bryhana Monegain countered that rapper 50 Cent had given her a direct glance before hurling the microphone, claiming that her space was unrestricted.

Throwing a microphone at the audience is nothing new. Recently, Cardi B, a female rapper, shocked everyone when she hurled a microphone at an audience member who spilt the water she was drinking on her. She was also accused of аssаult, but there was not enough proof to bring charges against her.