Meet South Korea’s astonishing “Peter Pan” – a 26-year-old who looks like a young teenager.

Meet Shin Hyomyung, often referred to as the Peter Pan of Korea, who at the age of 26 has yet to go through puberty. Despite his youthful appearance, characterized by a high-pitched voice and chubby cheeks, Mr. Shin appears no older than 12 to most observers.

However, his official identification card tells a different story, indicating that he was born in 1989, making him 26 years old this year.

Mr. Shin recently participated in a local TV program that documented his adventures in getting dressed up for a night out, enjoying shots of local “firewater” soju, and dancing at a club where one woman couldn’t resist pinching his cheeks.

Hyomyung Shin, often likened to Peter Pan, attributes his youthful appearance to a rare condition that causes his body to age at an unusually slow rate.

In a glimpse into his personal life, he was filmed in his bedroom, adorned with a poster of Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson, where he candidly expressed his desire for a beautiful girlfriend.

During the TV show, he underwent a makeover, but the efforts to make him appear older were not notably successful.

The program also featured a café date with an attractive young woman who couldn’t believe his real age.

Reports from the pop culture website suggest that he might have a condition they referred to as “Highlander Syndrome,” causing slow aging. However, it’s essential to note that this syndrome hasn’t gained recognition in the medical community.

Bedtime story: Hyomyung Shin settles down after another night on the tiles

Photos from his childhood shown on the programme show him appear to develop normally until he entered his teens, where his growth seems to have slowed to almost a halt.

He claims his body has not undergone puberty like his peers, and retains a baby face with full cheeks and hairless soft skin.

But other than this he claims to be in good health despite the apparent stunted ageing.

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