Mesmerizing Rainbow Python: Giant Serpent’s Dazzling Shimmer Takes the Internet by Storm!

Trending on the Internet: Video of a Giant Snake with a Dazzling Rainbow-Colored Skin Shared by Jay Brewer, the Caretaker of the Reptile Zoo, Quickly Captivates the Online Community with Over 48 Million Views and Thousands of Comments.

Video rắn khổng lồ có màu da lấp lánh như cầu vồng gây 'bão' cộng đồng mạng

Jay Brewer is the founder of the Reptile Zoo in California, USA. He often shares moments of him taking care of and being around various snakes, giant pythons, and other exotic animals in the zoo on social media.

Loài rắn này cực lạ kỳ với khả năng phát ra màu sắc óng ánh dưới ánh nắng,  có rất nhiều ở Việt Nam

Recently, Brewer posted a video on Instagram featuring an extremely rare giant snake with a skin that sparkles like a rainbow.

Loài rắn này cực lạ kỳ với khả năng phát ra màu sắc óng ánh ...

The mesmerizing colors of the giant snake left viewers astonished and amazed. The rainbow snake video quickly garnered over 48 million views, along with thousands of comments and shares on the internet.

Many viewers were particularly impressed by the snake’s appearance. Numerous people exclaimed that it was a “magnificent creature” and expressed that it was the first time they had ever seen a snake with such a unique and extraordinary coloration.



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