Shivering at the “alien creature” in Antarctica: jagged teeth, hairy body, no eyes

An extremely strange-looking creature has been found in Antarctica. Many people see it and associate it with alien monsters, which are found in science fiction movies.

In fact, it is a giant sea worm about 20cm long, scientific name is Eulagisca gigantea. They are distinguished by a belly full of yellow fur and a mouth containing many sharp fangs, like a smile. These features also give them a very intimidating appearance.

Eulagisca gigantea has an average length of about 12cm and usually lives in the Antarctic region

As strange as they may seem, research shows they can be crucial to the health of our ecosystems. The Latin name for the hairworm (polychaetes) translates as “many little hairs”, the hairs have a shiny golden hue. It remains unclear whether Eulagisca gigantea uses its attractive stiff feathers, perhaps to navigate the ocean or to defend against predators.

The mouth of this worm is only about 2cm wide, but its sharp fangs can catch enemies easily.

According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, these animals come in many shapes and sizes, from candy-sized roundworms to more than two meters long – found in every color and in many lips. different habitats.

They are characterized by a scaly covering of the body called the elytra .

This species was discovered in 1939, but so far modern science has very limited understanding of its biology or diet. However, the size of its jaws suggests that it is a predator that eats other animals. But its sharp teeth may indicate it was also a scavenger.


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