Shying Bear Cub Try To Stand On His First Leg To Make Him As Big As His Friend

Baby wild animals can be as adorable as family pets. I’ve watched a funny video of a baby rhino trying to prove that he is such a tough boy. The energetic calf charges at a group of tourists but running away just a few feet left. And this stunned the Internet. People can’t get enough of his cuteness.

And, Boog the young black bear in today’s story will make you fall in love with its cuteness. The rescued cub is quite timid but he is adapting to the new habitat.

When Boog is first introduced to his housemate, a baby deer, he is so shy that he hides behind a stair and clings to the banister. He can’t keep his eyes off the fawn but doesn’t dare to approach the new friend.

After a while, the cub raises up his courage to come out from his hiding place and meet his new friend. However, his confidence soon vanishes into the air. The baby animal starts to back away.

Luckily, the second attempt works. Boog comes out from his place once again. And this time, the cub stands on his hind legs to make him look bigger in front of the fawn.

The bear cub is such a proud boy! He manages to make friends with the baby deer. He even tentatively licks his new friend. My heart melts for these cute odd friends.

These cute moments were filmed by Joel Rosenthal, owner of the Point View Farm in West Virginia where the cub and the fawn are currently living. He has also raised a variety of rescued animals on his farm.


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