Strange 3000-YearOld Artifact May Show That Ancient Alien Astronauts Arrived In A Spaceship On Our Planet!

The famous 3000-year old spaceship-like object that was discovered in Turkey in 1973 is undoubtedly the most famous 3000-years-old artifact that proves the existence of ancient aliens on Earth. Zecharia Sitchin found the item.

This icy greystone resemblance represents a modern reimagining of a rocket with engines driven from scientists and a human in a spacesuit. It could be the final piece supporting ancient astronaut claims of extraterrestrials visiting Earth in the past

Sitchin says that copper might have been found in Mesopotamia or Cyprus at a recent discovery near Van Lake, Tushpa. Tushpa, Urartu’s capital, was located in the ninth century BC. The Urartian kingdom was found in the Armenian Highlands, near Van Lake. Urartu is first mentioned in Assyrian literature in written form. Urartu’s people were able to use Assyrian cuneiform for many reasons. It is believed to be about 3,000 years old. However, some scientists believe it could be older. It is currently not displayed and is kept in Turkey’s Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

According to Sitchin, the rock object is a carved scale replica of a spaceship. 24cm long, 9cm tall, and 8cm across. The monster’s exhaust engine was large, with four small exhaust engines to the rear. The head of the pilot of the rocket ship was gone. The spaceship-like rock sculpture contains a cabin for a pilot. It suggests that prehistoric astronauts visited Earth. According to reports, he is sitting in a capsule with his legs crossed. He is covered with a tight, skin-tight pressure suit. Amazing rocketry skills were a hallmark of the ancients. You may have heard about the ancient idea of ancient flying machines for nuclear war. Our forefathers knew more about the universe and were capable of traveling through space than us. Kazim Finjan, the Iraqi Transport Minister at the time, made a remarkable comment in Dhi Qar in 2016. He claimed that the Sumerians were able to travel beyond the solar system through a spaceport.

The 1961 Sibiu paper contains detailed information about rocketry and pictures of a three-stage spacecraft. It also contains instructions on how to make liquid rocket fuel using fuel mixtures. Although Conrad Haas is the author of the book, many believe that it was made from other sources. Scholars have struggled for decades to understand how Ancient Mesoamerica’s gods drove their aircraft. However, new archaeological evidence is now available. A significant amount of liquid mercury, located near Teotihuacan’s Mexican pyramid, was discovered in 2015.



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