57-Foot-Long Leviathan ‘Sea Monster’ That Rivalled Megalodon

The colossal sea creature is thought to have hunted other whales and sea mammals. Leviathan lived around 12 to 13 million years ago and rivalled the famous giant shark megalodon in size

Livyatan melvillei is an extinct species of physeteroid whale, which lived during the Miocene epoch, approximately 12-13 million years ago

One of the largest and most powerful marine predators was a prehistoric killer sperm whale so big in size it rivalled the famous giant shark megalodon.

Named after the Biblical sea monster and the author of classic novel Moby Dick, Leviathan (or livyatan melvillei) used to dominate the food chain, hunting other whales and sea mammals.

The colossal creature is said to have been around 47–57 feet long and had teeth measuring up to one foot in length and four inches in width.

Leviathan would usually tear chunks off its unfortunate prey with a powerful bite with its primary diet thought to have consisted of baleen whales.

Scientists estimate Leviathan, which was about the same as a modern adult male sperm whale, lived around 12 to 13 million years ago, the Daily Star reports.


The sea creature had teeth measuring up to one foot in length and four inches in widthDue to its size and ferocity, the whale was a strong rival for the megalodon, which typically sized up at 18 metres long and pursued similar prey.

Back in 2008 researchers in Peru found the mysterious bones from livyatan melvillei and scientists even have evidence that suggests the two beasts faced off in scary sea battles, with a skele ton of the whale being found with “meg” bite marks in North Carolina, USA.


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