8 Poor Little Pigs Are Taken Care By A Former Stray Boxer Breed Dog Like Her Babies

Dogs are amazing creatures. One of the best things about them is their loyalty. When you think of dogs, you will think of at least one of the stories about how loyal dogs are to their owners. They are also very kind, and sometimes we see them helping other animals.

Wes Trevor, the proprietor of “Spectrum Plants Gold Coast” in Australia, immediately took in 8 little pigs when he learned of their bad condition.

At first, he fed the piglets special food so that they could walk on their tiny feet. But then an unexpected thing happened.

Treasure, a former stray boxer breed dog, noticed the pigs and her motherhood instincts took over. She started caring for the piglets as if they were her own babies. Soon she even started producing milk and the tiny pigs were happy to suckle on the mama dog.

Wes wasn’t sure if it was good for the dog and the pigs, but after consulting a veterinarian, he was advised that everything is fine as long as the pigs receive extra feed and don’t hurt the dog.

This beautiful story once again proves that dogs are incredibly caring, amazing creatures.