A GIANT jagged-toothed “sea monster” washed ashore on a Mexican beach

BEACHGOERS got the shock of their lives after a giant jagged-toothed “sea monster” washed up on a beach in Mexico.

The terrifying-looking creature was found in Mazatlan, western Mexico, by local Beatriz Morales Acuna.

This mystery ‘sea monster’ washed up on a beach in Mazatlan, western MexicoCredit: Central European News

She said she first thought the strange object was just an old bit of rope.

But when she looked closer, she saw the dead eyes of the fanged creature staring back at her.

Beatriz took snaps of the mystery monster on her phone and uploaded them to social media.

Sharing the images, she wrote: “When I came out of the sea, there it was.


The dead animal was spotted by a local woman as she got out of the seaCredit: Central European News

“Nobody was bothered by it because they thought it was just old rope from a sailing boat.

“It was only after I took pictures that people became intrigued.”

The photos went viral, with social networkers scratching their heads over what the animal might be.

Some some said it was an eel or a sea snake, while other slightly wilder theories claimed it came from outer space.

Some social media users speculated the fish could be a deepsea lizardfishCredit: Alamy


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