A kind-hearted man stopped traffic to help a sluggish Koala

Recently, while relaxing on a balcony at home in Australia, Will Thornton was suddenly spurred into action to save the life of a furry local.

Glancing down at the ground below, Thornton noticed a koala descending from a nearby tree. The koala then seemed dead-set on crossing a busy highway just out front. It seemed like a tragedy was about to unfold — one that Thornton couldn’t just sit by and watch.

“So I bolted down[stairs],” Thornton told The Guardian.

He didn’t even have time to put on his shoes.

Fortunately, by the time Thornton arrived to the spot, the koala had yet to venture too far into the roadway. This gave Thornton the opportunity to help ensure that the little animal could traverse the highway safely.

Thornton began serving as a crossing guard for the lucky koala — alerting approaching drivers to stop and give him the right of way.

Here’s that moment on video, taken by Thornton’s mother-in-law:

Thornton’s efforts had paid off — the koala made it across unharmed, disappearing once again into the forest beyond.

Thanks to that kind gesture, and Thornton’s quick thinking, tragedy was avoided.

“I’m just glad he made it,” Thornton said.