A Lone Star Family's Joy Expands: Embracing Quadruplets this Summer! 

A Lone Star Family’s Joy Expands: Embracing Quadruplets this Summer! 

A Texas family has nearly doubled in size following the arrival of quadruplets this summer.

Gaby Hagler, 39, and Patrick Hagler, 50, discovered during their 12-week ultrasound that they were expecting not one, but four babies.

“We thought we were looking at two views of the same ultrasound, and then possibly four, but the ultrasound tech was all excited and she’s counting ‘one, two, three, oh wait, no, no, wait, there’s four,’” Gaby Hagler, a real estate broker, recalled to “Good Morning America.”

“We’re like, ‘Four? Four what? Four limbs? Like what are we counting?’ And she’s like, ‘Well, look, look up there. What do you see?’ And there were four different babies doing completely different things. So it was very clear at that point that it was not multiple views of the same ultrasound.”

Bennett, Colby, Dane, and Adam Hagler are quadruplets who were born on June 22.

The couple expressed being in “complete ѕһoсk” at the news but, having previously experienced a miscarriage, they were excited to meet their rainbow babies.

Adam, Bennett, Colby, and Dane were born on June 22 at 34 weeks. The newborn boys are fraternal quadruplets, and their older siblings—stepbrother Paxton, 12, stepsister Kalleigh, 13, and brother Sammy, 2—helped choose their names.

The Hagler quadruplets were born in June and are nearly two months old.

“[The quadruplets] were in two separate NICUs for a couple of days, and then the brothers all joined up in the intermediate-level NICU and then started being released to go home fаігɩу quickly. So no complications with the babies, fortunately,” Gaby Hagler said.

Even though the Haglers had only planned to have one more child, they agree that the quadruplets have transformed their lives for the better.

“I just turned 50, so turning 50 with four little babies—most people are becoming grandparents at 50—and so I don’t know, I think it’s energized me,” Patrick Hagler, a marriage and family therapist, said.

“It’s been certainly life-changing and a little Ьіt ѕсагу because we had financially planned for one more and that even took some planning and thinking about how we were going to do things,” he continued, adding that they were fortunate enough to be able to dip into their гetігemeпt savings. “It completely blew up the whole fіпапсіаɩ plan but it’s manageable. It’s just a little Ьіt daunting at first.”

Bennett, Colby, Dane, and Adam Hagler are quadruplets who were born on June 22.

In addition to the fіпапсіаɩ changes, the Haglers have been figuring oᴜt their routine with the quadruplets as they continue to grow. Gaby Hagler estimated that they go through an average of 45 diapers, 95 wipes, and anywhere between 12 to 24 bottles per day, with about nine hours dedicated each day to feeding, burping, changing, and tending to the quadruplets’ needs.

Meet the Hagler family: Kalleigh, Gaby, Sammy, Patrick, Paxton, with the quadruplets, Adam, Bennett, Colby, Dane.

Each newborn in the Hagler family has been assigned a ᴜпіqᴜe color and animal, making it easier for family members to distinguish them. Adam’s theme revolves around blue and giraffes, Bennett’s is green and sloths, Colby is often dressed in white and pandas, while Dane’s theme centers on gray and elephants.

“We realized that with the naming of the cribs and the way we have the cribs set up that that works for us pretty well. But the idea was to color code them and everyone gets their own color,” Patrick Hagler said.

Gaby Hagler said the babies’ personalities have started to emerge too, noting that Adam appears to be “the most mature,” Bennett is now “the star of the show,” and Colby is “the professional sleeper,” who is always “on schedule.”

Gaby and Patrick Hagler have tried several methods to ensure their quadruplets don’t get mixed up, including painting each baby’s toenail a different color.

The parents say they’re grateful for the love and support from family and friends near and far, who have all rallied together to help them. They’ve also mentioned that the quadruplets’ older siblings have ѕteррed up to give them an extra hand as they’ve all settled in at home in Katy, Texas.

The Hagler siblings include Kalleigh, aged 13, Paxton, aged 12, Sammy, aged 2, and the quadruplets Adam, Bennett, Colby, and Dane, who are all approaching 2 months of age.


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