A stray dog, once mere ‘skin and bones,’ now looks entirely transformed.

A stray dog, once mere ‘skin and bones,’ now looks entirely transformed.

Upon arrival at the RSPCA’s Danaher Animal Home as a stray, Emily’s condition shocked everyone. She was incredibly thin, almost weightless, indicating an urgent need for the shelter’s utmost care and affection.

Louisa Duranti, the deputy animal center manager at Danaher Animal Home, remarked in a press release, “She was nothing but skin and bones. We implemented a special diet, feeding her small, frequent meals to gradually restore her weight and fortify her strength.”

Assisted by her newfound companions, Emily gained approximately 10 pounds within a few weeks. Despite her initial nervousness stemming from her past ordeals, she gradually started to reveal her true self. Upon attaining full health and recovery, a remarkable family quickly expressed interest in her and welcomed her into their forever home.

“We came across Emily’s story and images, and they deeply touched us,” expressed Mark Colbear, Emily’s new father, in a press release. “We felt compelled to apply and offer our help to her.”

Emily has found her place in her new home and, despite occasional nerves, her transformation from her shelter arrival is truly astonishing. She appears as an entirely different dog now, delighting everyone involved in her healing journey by thriving in her new environment.

Colbear mentioned, “Emily’s progress has been remarkable; she’s nearly fully adjusted now. We’ve managed to transition her to full meals, and while she still experiences moments of anxiety, especially at night, we understand she’s been through a lot. Cuddling together in the armchair seems to comfort her! She’s truly blossoming, becoming more vocal, and expresses joy with little happy grunts during playtime in the garden or when receiving attention on her cozy beanbag.”


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