Adorable baby laughs loudly when his mother pretends to sneeze, delighting the online community

What is more beautiful and exciting than a child’s laughter? It is because of the ringtone and the expression of pure joy that when we see a child laughing heartily, we cannot help but smile. Surely it has happened to you that you have smiled spontaneously, not so much because of a joke, but because of someone’s overwhelming laughter. And if that someone is a child, the implication seems to be reinforced even more.

In a video that’s bringing smiles to millions of people, the mom shared the trick that’s sure to make baby Benson howl every time. In a clip she posted online, we see Benson, of Gulfport, Mississippi, son of Kayla and Lindsay Coppock, sitting in his high chair. The little boy is already laughing when his mother goes to give him some food, but then she pretends to sneeze, and he loses his mind! It’s like she’s just told him the funniest joke she’s ever heard, and her laughter is so infectious that Lindsay can’t help but join in. Of course, Lindsay couldn’t prove this delicious trick a guarantee with just a sneeze, so she throws in some more. Each elicits another hysterical round of giggles from the cute little boy. Obviously, he can’t get enough of s humor.

So, to play on Benson’s sense of humor, he takes a break from spooning her dinner and makes a fake sneeze that makes Benson laugh uncontrollably. He laughs and laughs until he is out of breath, at which point his mother makes another fake sneeze. Once again, he suffers fits of unbridled laughter as he looks at his mother in disbelief. She, in turn, begins to laugh and eventually becomes so hysterical that her eyes begin to water. A video filmed by Lindsay herself, and then shared on her Facebook profile, spread across the web, conquering thousands of users who laughed heartily when they saw it.

After the video went viral, overwhelmingly positive responses started coming in. Lindsay wrote on Facebook: “I am absolutely touched by how many people have said this video made their day brighter. Thank you all for loving our baby’s laugh as much as we do.”


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