Alien Skull Was Found In Rhodope Mountains – Maybe Another Cover-up?!

A skull was discovered buried with a little oval-shaped metal item by a 38-year-old local guy from Plodviv, Bulgaria. According to the individual, five mystery humanoids clothed in yellow metallic outfits directed him in his nightmares. These entities took the guy to the Rhodope Mountains and showed him a location.

Ufologists and conspiracy theorists were enthralled by the skull, which they said was the definitive proof of the presence of extraterrestrial aliens on Earth.Professor Dimiter Kovachev and archaeologist Kataya Malamet of the Bulgarian Academy of Science inspected the skull. They both stated that they had never seen anything like it.The skull is the same size as a human baby’s, but the bone structure are lighter and thinner, weighing only 250 grams.

Skeptics believe the skull belongs to an as-yet-undiscovered animal species, despite the fact that its features do not match any terrestrial creature.
What’s more remarkable is that the skull vanished totally before experts could examine it in depth. Regardless matter who owns it, it’s evident that he doesnt’t want to share it with the rest of the world.

Is this the skull of an extraterrestrial or a relic from a long-extinct and unknown animal?