“Aliens have been visiting our planet since 1947, ” FBI documents confirm

A few years ago, an FBI paper was released, revealing the presence of extraterrestrial entities (multidimensional), or beings from another world.

The documentation released in 2015 is incredible and surprising in several respects. The FBI sends a letter to scientists and military officials in the form of a memorandum: this alien species that has visited our world since 1947 is a gigantic race from another space-time dimension!


2. Since the project is peaceful, tourists are likely to choose to remain on the earth.

3. The breed in question, known as “visitors,” has enormous size but human characteristics.

6. Vibrations with the Earth’s thick matter cause visitors’ bodies and ships to manifest.

7. Their satellites have energy beams capable of disintegrating any aircraft and the ability to vanish without a trace from our view.

8. They do not originate in the astral plane that corresponds to Loka or Talas. These terms can be understood by the esoteric. In reality, the Loka-Talas are separate planes of consciousness, not physical or spiritual locations. A parallel dimensional plane is every plane of consciousness other than ours.



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