Amazon River Dolphins: Pink Freshwater Dolphins That Eat Piranhas

The scariest fish in the world are afraid of the cutest apex predator of the Amazon

The Amazon dolphin is also known as ‘boto’ or ‘pink dolphin’. This dolphin is large, measuring almost 2.5 meters and weighing almost 185kg.

They are the most diverse amongst the toothed whales as there are 50 different species found in the Amazon region. The most consumed fish for the river dolphin includes the Piranha.

It can also feed on the shells of freshwater crabs and the turtles. Its diet is more diverse during the rainy season when it is difficult to catch fish in the flooded areas and outside the river banks.

However, during the dry spell prey is easily available and they feed on Piranha which is stranded in water puddles and shallow water.

Among the wonders you will find if you visit the Peruvian Amazon during your Peru vacation is a creature that seems like it belongs inside a magical legend alongside fire-breathing dragons and winged fairies.

It’s a creature known locally as Bufeo Colorado, and it’s the largest freshwater cetacean on Earth: the Pink River Dolphin!

Adults acquire the pink color, thus the name ‘pink dolphin’. Unlike ocean dolphins, the cervical vertebrae are not fused in the pink dolphin, allowing them to turn their heads 90 degrees.

The dolphins are commonly seen in pairs, but can be seen swimming solo. They can be kept in captivity, and in a tank they appear to be less shy and sociable like other species of dolphins.