Another UFO Crash in Antarctica – Visible since 1997 on Satellite Images, It’s Now Clear

Russian researcher Valentin Degterev spotted a remarkable frozen extraterrestrial aircraft in Antarctica while using Google Earth. He demonstrated his finding a few days ago, much to the joy of his YouTube followers.

The researcher claims to have seen this strange item in photographs taken in 1997, however it was then more heavily coated in ice. He can adequately explore the mysterious thing and determine what it is now that the ice has thawed.

He said that it is most likely a crashed UFO, an ancient item that dates back hundreds of thousands of years, rather than a natural creation.

Decterev plans to launch an expedition in Antarctica, but no commercial company could get such a 2000-foot-long and 300-foot-tall item to the surface.

Remember the Antarctic Pyramids, other UFOs that have crashed, and UFO entrances that can be seen in Google Earth? Antarctica is full of secrets.

But regrettably, it is not permissible for commercial groups to do research there; you can probably guess why…