Awe-Inspiring Love Story: Couple's Adoption of 4 Siblings Leads to Quadruplet Blessing.NP

Awe-Inspiring Love Story: Couple’s Adoption of 4 Siblings Leads to Quadruplet Blessing.NP

This couple from Reading, Pennsylvania found themselves with a larger family than expected when they expanded to 11 members in July.

Maxine Young, 30, and her husband Jacob Young, 32, tied the knot in May 2016 with aspirations of starting a family right away. Maxine had long held a desire to adopt children, and upon delving deeper into foster care, her resolve to provide a nurturing environment for children in need, even if temporarily, only grew stronger.

“Foster care had always been a cause close to my heart,” Maxine shared with Good Morning America. “We underwent foster care training and were approved within about two months. Shortly thereafter, we received our first placement call.”

In July 2017, the Youngs received a call regarding a group of siblings aged 4, 2, and 11 months who required a home. It was the opportunity they had been eagerly awaiting, prompting them to swiftly agree to take them in.

While tending to the needs of these three children, they received another call inquiring if they would also be open to welcoming the newborn baby sister, Elliott.

“We didn’t hesitate to say yes to their little sister, and it remains one of the most heartwarming decisions of my life,” remarked Maxine. “Elliott and I share an incredibly close bond. Sometimes I teasingly tell Jake that she’s my true soulmate.”

After two years of attempting to conceive, the couple experienced the joy of pregnancy with their son, Henry, thanks to intrauterine insemination (IUI). He was born in October 2018, marking the beginning of their parenthood journey.

Already a family of seven, the Youngs were taken by surprise when Maxine discovered she was pregnant with quadruplets!

This news came as a complete shock, especially considering they had previously undergone in vitro fertilization to conceive Henry.

“At first, I was filled with excitement, but it quickly turned into apprehension,” Maxine reflects. “The doctors conveyed the challenges of carrying four healthy babies, urging us to reconsider. However, once we embraced the risks, the joy returned. All four of our babies were born healthy. I’m grateful we trusted our instincts.”

Upon discovering Maxine’s impending quadruplets, the Youngs promptly reached out to a specialist in multiple pregnancies based in Phoenix. Prior to the anticipated due date, they journeyed to the state to ensure Maxine received optimal care, thankfully resulting in a successful outcome.

In July 2020, Silas, Theo, Beck, and Cecilia made their entrance into the world, officially expanding the Youngs’ brood to nine children!

Initially fostering with the intention of reuniting the children with their biological parents, it became evident that this was not viable. Consequently, the couple officially adopted their four foster children – Aiden (8), Parker (5), Connor (4), and Elliot (3) – in December 2019.

Their biological son, Henry, is now two years old, while the quadruplets are three months old.

Maxine shares that the challenge of raising a sizable family lies in ensuring each child receives adequate attention. Thankfully, the older siblings willingly assist their younger counterparts, easing the burden.

“There’s always an abundance of love in our home,” Maxine remarks. “Although they’re not biologically related, their love for each other is just as strong, and it’s truly heartwarming.”

Maxine elaborates that she and Jake thrive amidst the chaos of their family dynamic, despite its difficulties. “We’ve learned to navigate life with a large brood. It’s what we do.”

For those curious about life with nine children, the Youngs document their journey on YouTube, offering regular glimpses into their family life.


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