Cарtᴜгed: Photographer Documents Woman Giving Birth on һoѕріtаɩ Floor

Cарtᴜгed: Photographer Documents Woman Giving Birth on һoѕріtаɩ Floor


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Manhattan, Kansas mom Jes Hogan gave birth to her sixth child — and her first boy, who she’s since named Maxwell — last July. And the number six was significant for another reason, because it wasn’t until six days after she began experiencing contractions that Maxwell made his big entrance into the world (though Hogan notes her delivery didn’t really begin progressing until the morning of Maxwell’s birth).

When Maxwell was ready, though, he was ready. Hogan and her husband Travis rushed to the hospital after her waters broke (she didn’t even have time to put her shoes on, Hogan told Popsugar) and they still didn’t make it to the delivery room! After only 25 minutes of labor and only one “intentional push,” Hogan ended up giving brith on the floor of a hospital corridor while her photographer, Tammy Karin, the founder of Little Leapling Photography, caught it all on camera.

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“I could feel my body pushing the baby’s head out,” Jes wrote in a blog post Tammy’s website. “I reached down and could feel his head crowning with my hand. I looked at my husband and said, ‘Travis, catch him!’ Without any hesitation he did just that as I felt my body involuntarily pushing his head the rest of the way out. At that moment Tammy began snapping away!” Way to go, team!

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It’s a boy!

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Little Leapling Photography

“It was my craziest birth, but also, the most perfect,” Jes wrote. “It was not at all what I had planned, but it ended without any intervention, a healthy baby, and amazing support people by our sides. It was beautiful and I’ll forever love every memory of it.”

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