Cute Baby Elephant Hides Behind A Narrow Pole After Caught Red-Handed Eating Sugarcane

Baby elephants are among the most adorable creatures in this world. These giants keep acting like playful and mischievous kids, bringing tons of smiles and laughs to people around them. They even have no idea of how big they are and still love being cuddled by their humans. That is why we can’t stay mad with these lovely animals even when they commit petty crimes.

The baby elephant in this story is so cute and smart. The calf was caught red-handed eating sugarcane in a farmer’s field by local people in Chiang Mai, north Thailand. But instead of running away immediately, the adorable creature hid behind a narrow pole. He kept standing still and pretended not to realize what was happening then.

His lovely reactions were captured on camera. Local people couldn’t help but laugh at the innocent elephant.

They also share his photos on social media and they went viral quickly. Thousands of people online also fell in love with his crime.

The caption, translated from Thai, read “Keep calm. Officers will see. Let’s continue eating sugarcane.”

There are around 2,000 elephants to live in the wild in Thailand. They are quite friendly to humans and often drop by resident areas


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