Elderly, malnourished bear takes first steps towards freedom after 30 years in a cage

Elderly, malnourished bear takes first steps towards freedom after 30 years in a cage

Elderly, malnourished bear who spent 30 years in a cage gets takes his first steps to freedom

Four old bears are finally happy after decades of privation, and they look SO happy now. ❤️

Four bears have spent most of their lives in tiny cages at a now-closed zoo in Pennsylvania.

While the zoo was in service, the bears were used for entertainment and never got the attention and care they deserved.

The zoo closed down all the way back in the ’90s after authorities found several Animal Welfare Act violations

However, even though the zoo has been closed for decades now, the owners still kept the animals in cages that have gotten increasingly filthy over the years.

The bears, named Fifi, Bruno, Pocahontas, and Marsha, were effectively prisoners in a tiny cell and suffered from severe malnourishment.

Bears should be able to explore in the wild, swim around and go hunting – but that’s something these older bears most likely have never been able to do before.

Luckily, animal organization PETA heard that the owner would be giving the animals away, so they more than happily decided to step in.

An expert was brought to the scene to determine if they could be transported safely. The tiny pens were described by PETA as “dilapidated dog houses.” For years, the circus owner forced the bears to perform tricks such as riding a bicycle without caring for them. All four bears were in horrible shape.

Fifi was in the worst condition of the four bears. It was a terribly sad sight to behold that these majestic animals were extremely weak, haven’t been fed well at all, and were filthy because they didn’t have access to much water.

Fifi was also suffering from a severe case of arthritis and rescuers called her a “skeleton” because she nearly didn’t have muscles and was extremely thin.

PETA immediately arranged for a transport to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.

All four of them now finally have tons of land to roam and can behave like bears.

Their new home also allows them to socialize with each other and other animals. They even have their underground dens and can take a bath whenever they like – something they couldn’t do in more than thirty years.

Bruno, Pocahontas, and Marsha were a bit reluctant to enter their new habitat, but Fifi didn’t hesitate for a second and the rest quickly followed suit.

Because their new living environment was such a huge change, the animals spent a bit of time in a temporary enclosure just to get used to everything.

The four bears are finally living the way they should be, and Fifi has truly flourished in his new environment.

All four of them are doing very well, but Fifi’s transformation is the one that stands out the most.

Veterinarians regularly checked up with her and she was quickly moving much better than before.

PETA says that Fifi absolutely loves her new open habitat and regularly goes for a swim in the pool.

The other two bears are also very happy!

These bears are thriving in their new environment, and they finally have room to roam and follow their natural instincts.

We’re so glad these bears are in such a better environment.

Check out a video of the bears below!

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