Excavate The Tomb Of The Aztec King, Encounter A Warrior Beast That Wears A Treasure To Protect Its Master

Located in the ancient capital of the Tenochtitlan civilization, now Mexico City – the capital of Mexico – the Templo Mayor ruins are the main temple of the Aztecs who have gone down in legend as the empire of warriors.

One of the warrior beasts, is actually a sacrificial wolf dressed as an Aztec warrior with full weapons and many precious jewels on his body – (Photo: INAH).

According to Ancient Origins, scientists have recently discovered an ancient treasure that includes the strangest offerings, including 180 branches of tapeworms, 165 red starfish, jaguars, wolves, and falcons in costume. like Aztec warriors with precious jewels worn on their bodies.

The team led by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) suggests that the Aztec priests boxed and buried all of the above, including “beast warriors” for some 520 years. before, as part of strange sacrifices to someone very important.

The Aztecs and the famous mysterious civilization in world history. Illustration

The unusual bulge found at the bottom of one of these treasure boxes led them to conclude that the lost royal tomb of King Ahuitzotl (reigned 1486 to 1502) had finally revealed itself. The bulge is where the king’s cremated remains are hidden.

Grave in the sacrificial treasure boxes, bearing code 126 – (Photo: INAH).

The warrior beasts are still the most noticeable, especially a jaguar with a “hand” clutching an eagle or a mighty wolf, both dressed as warriors with a throwing spear. atlati beside him, bronze bells tied around his ankles, carved wooden discs on his belt, and some other precious jewels.

Several documents from the Spanish conquistadors who arrived here from 1521 confirm the possibility that it was the king’s tomb because when they broke down the structures – including this temple – they kept records.

According to Reuters, Spanish documents record burial rites for three brothers who were all kings of the Aztecs from 1469 to 1502, in which the cremated remains of all three were buried along with other valuables. luxury goods, alongside the hearts of slain slaves “in or near the round pedestal” of Templo Major.

According to ancient Mexican culture expert Joyce Marcus from the University of Michigan (USA), a member of the international research team, recent offerings and possibly important discoveries about the tomb of Aztec King Ahuitzotl will “illuminate the world”. precepts of the Aztecs”; in which their elaborate ritual system served as a way of sanctifying conquests.


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