Final proof that aliens have landed on Earth?

Final proof that aliens have landed on Earth?

Russian “expert” Valetin Degterev published on social media what he found in Antarctica while using Google Earth. This is a shot of the black spot, which it claims that it was a UFO, who are stuck in ice after an accident three years ago.

Russian “expert” Valetin Degterev published on social media what he found in Antarctica while using Google Earth. This is a shot of the black spot, which it claims that it was a UFO, who are stuck in ice after an accident three years ago.

“In the endless ice desert is the most original UFO in the most classic form,” said the Russian.

Scott C Waring, who is a conspiracy theorist, claimed that he discovered this UFO disc using Google Earth. He also shared the coordinates (74°35’37.57″S 164°54’28.90″E) in which this disc can be found.

The self-professed UFO specialist claims the object could be a crashed alien craft and that its impact caused damage to the ice.

“I think this is a very large disc-shaped flying machine frozen in ice,” he said. According to him, there can be no image of any polar station or aircraft or ships lost in the area. “It seems that this is a man-made object from the distant universe,” he insisted.

Nigel Watson, author of a manual on investigating UFO, told MailOnline that it is difficult to say exactly what the image shows, but this place has a “long tradition” when landing alien spacecraft. Experts in Antarctica, however, argue that the black dot is a common tear.

Waring said: “Guys, I found this today and it’s just blowing my mind! It’s in Antarctica and it’s about 40 meters across sitting in an area the looks like a heart. I think this is the big one guys, the real deal.”

“I imagine that soon after I release this video, some government somewhere will go and retrieve it. Wow, and it is in a heart-shaped break in the ice, which really makes me wonder, did they do that on purpose for the fun of it? Or did the disk cause  the shape in the ice when it landed in this area? Sure it is the perfect hiding place for an alien ship, because no one will ever see it hidden out there in Antarctica. No one will ever wander past it or hike near it or even sail near it. 100% proof that aliens exist and are on Earth right now. So…the treasure hunt begins. The winner gets all,” he added.

This is not the first time that Waring has made claims about alien existence. A few years back, the conspiracy theorist who operates from Taiwan allegedly discovered a thigh bone-like structure on Mars. After the ‘discovery’, he had urged then US President Donald Trump to make him the head of NASA.

However, sceptics dismissed Waring’s claims and made it clear that most of his discoveries are classic cases of pareidolia.



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