Finally found the person who can make the dog with the most annoying face in the world smile

Finally found the person who can make the dog with the most annoying face in the world smile

Puppy Cornelius had a story that resembled that of the “ugly duckling.” Born with leucism, a condition resulting in a lack of pigmentation and an extremely pale coloration, Cornelius found himself changing hands among various owners, none of whom decided to keep him.

However, fate took a turn when Toni Cusson, hailing from Toronto, Canada, felt an undeniable connection with the dog, who happens to sport a perpetually grumpy expression.

Cornelius has become quite the sensation, gathering a substantial following on his dedicated Instagram account, aptly named “mistercornelius.” From his home in Toronto, Toni shares snapshots of Cornelius and his daily escapades.

The reason for Cornelius’ online fame becomes apparent easily – his unique appearance and demeanor have won over the hearts of many.

At a cursory glance, he undeniably portrays the demeanor of the world’s most perpetually discontent dog. Regardless of Toni’s efforts, Cornelius consistently maintains an air of skepticism in his expression.

Despite his incredibly grumpy appearance, he’s not fooling anyone in my opinion. I believe he possesses one of the most endearing and sweet faces imaginable!

Stuffed toys don’t seem to hold much fascination for him…

Birthday parties? Hmm. He couldn’t care less.

“No, I don’t want to join you on your silly picnic.”

“I told you this was a bad idea! How many times do I have to say it: I don’t like winter!”

Despite his perpetually grumpy appearance, Cornelius is, in fact, an incredibly amiable and good-natured pup. This becomes glaringly evident when he is in the company of his closest companion, Bowie, Toni’s other pug.

Toni shared with The Dodo, “He’s not quite sure how to ‘dog’ without our other pug Bowie. She’s his ultimate companion, and he becomes visibly lost without her.”

But one can’t help but giggle at how adorably pissed off Cornelius looks in some situations.

“Swim? Do I look like a fish to you?”

And you would think absolutely nothing can possibly make this pug smile…

“Bedtime? No way.”

But this pup is far from hard- Cornelius is a real softie and when he smiles, it’s true bliss.

Remember: Behind the fiercest of faces often hides a ray of light.

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