Florida beach mystery: the low tide has revealed the skeleton believed to be the sea monster's backbone, archaeologists are confused

Florida beach mystery: the low tide has revealed the skeleton believed to be the sea monster’s backbone, archaeologists are confused

Florida archeologists are reportedly expected to examine mysterious debris that appeared along a beach following Hurricane Nicole.

FOX 35 reported that the experts would visit the Dayton Beach Shores site on Tuesday morning and noted that a spokesperson for the Florida Department of State referred to it as a possible “shipwreck site” – although it is yet to be determined what the objects are.

The station said the debris was discovered a couple of weeks ago and that part of the beach had been washed away following Nicole. Nicole made landfall as a Category 1 storm in Florida on Nov. 10, near Vero Beach.The deadly storm also worsened impacts of Hurricane Ian, which struck in September.

Severe beach erosion from Ian made homes in Daytona Beach Shores vulnerable to Nicole’s force, with Volusia County officials reporting that homes had been deemed unsafe. Daytona Beach Shores had the most property damage in the county, estimated at $370.3 million, according to the Volusia County Property Appraiser. According to The New York Times, the object cannot be roped off because the water submerges it during high tide.

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