Found the secret why giant skeletons were hidden during more than 100 years

In 1965,  Father Carlos Vaca  discovered something unusual and incredible, an archaeological site full of skeletons of  giants,  belonging to beings very similar to humans.

The hidden SKELETON GIANTS of history

These giant bones are said to have remained hidden from public scrutiny and can only be seen at private displays for select groups.

Cemetery of the Gods: the discovery of the skeleton of 7-meter giants

The remains of these gigantic beings were found by  Father Carlos Vaca  in  Ecuador  , in an area known as Changaiminas, which translates to “Cemetery of the Gods”. This discovery would add to the list of strange things discovered in Ecuador.

Discovery of 7 meter bones

The discovery of these bones, which measured about seven meters, was made in the same year as the expedition to the Cueva de los Tayos, where a series of very mysterious artifacts were found, such as stones with carvings that glowed in the dark, and an Illuminati pyramid.

more discoveries

Following this order of ideas, in addition to the giant bones, a series of strange artifacts, minerals and compounds with supposed magical properties were found. Likewise, the giant bones found were exhibited in a museum called Museo del Padre Carlos Vaca.

7 meter human skeleton

Likewise, these bones and artifacts are said to have also been shown during a local television program in Ecuador. In this sense, Ecuador seems to be a fundamental place to reveal the mysteries of the earth and ancient civilizations, but classical science refuses to recognize these discoveries.

Were giant skeletons hidden? Because?

According to several researchers and conspiracy theorists, there would be some government entities like the   Smithsonian  ,  which covered up the truth about Earth’s giant beings,  with the gin of “protecting the evolutionary theory” of humanity.

The hidden SKELETON GIANTS of history

The controversy began when a rumor emerged on the Internet that a US Supreme Court court had forced the Smithsonian institution to hand over some classified documents that revealed that the organization was involved in the censorship of a large number of sensitive evidence for the humanity. According to some experts and researchers, in these secret documents, there were thousands of dozens of information about the findings of beings that reached about 6 to 12 feet in height.

According to the information, one of the key points of the court case was caused when a 1.3 meter long human bone was handed over as evidence, it would be a totally anomalous human femur and without record in “modern” times.

“It is a terrible thing what is being done to the American people,” one document wrote. “We are hiding the truth about the ancestors of the Earth, our ancestors, the giants that populated the Earth as mentioned in the Bible and in the sacred and ancient texts of the world.”

Did the giants really exist?

The first mention of the existence of giants or “diverse beings” on Earth appears in the Bible, in the Old Testament. In Genesis 6, verses 1 and 2: “When men had multiplied on earth they had already begotten daughters, when the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, they chose from among their wives whom they loved.” The Nephilim (Hebrew, giants), as recorded in Genesis 6, 4, existed on earth at that time: “At that time and also in later times, when the sons of God cohabited with the daughters of men and they had children, the giants appeared on Earth. These are the working men of the early days, the famous heroes.”

According to Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Twelfth Planet, nephilim literally means “those who descended from heaven to earth.” Bible translators assumed that Nephilim meant giants because elsewhere it is mentioned that these were also known as Anakim, at the same time the tale about the giant Goliath claims that he was a descendant of Anak, hence the conclusion: yes, Anak was a giant, so the Nephilim who were also Anakim, must have been giants.”

According to the Bible, the race of giants disappeared with the flood, but apparently one of them was saved. Legend tells us that, not fitting into Noah’s Ark, he mounted it. The giant was so big that his bed was about 3.90 meters long by 1.80 meters wide. On the other hand, that the planet was inhabited by giants is demonstrated by the discovery of human remains of extraordinary dimensions in India, Tibet, China, South America, Africa

Could these bones be the final proof that giants existed? Today, it is possible to see a replica of these bones in a museum located in Switzerland since 2004.