Giant dinosaur skeleton is unearthed in China lived during the Early Jurassic period

Chinese palaeontologists have discovered an extraordinarily complete jurassic dinosaur skeleton.

The fossil, found in Lufeng, south west China, is about 70 per cent intact and belongs to a dinosaur believed to have been nearly eight metres in length.

It was discovered on a dig in late May in soil dating around 180 million years, to the Jurassic period.

‘Based on the fossil was have discovered over the years, on its tail, and thigh bones, we believe this is a type of giant Lufengosaurus, which lived during the Early Jurassic period’, he added.

The centre is planning an emergency dig to rescue the skeleton because it was found in a place at risk of soil erosion. Finding fossils that are as complete as this one in Lufeng is a very rare occurrence in palaeontology.

This species made international headlines in 2017, when collagen protein was discovered preserved in the rib of a Lufengosaurus fossil.

The protein was 100 million years older than any previously discovered, the BBC reported at the time.

Scientists also found traces of a mineral they believe would have been in the animal’s blood. Lufengosaurus’s are thought to have been four legged herbivores and have been named colloquially as ‘Lufeng Lizards’.

Earlier in 2021, the skeleton belonging to a young dinosaur from the same period was discovered in Lufeng.

The fossil was another exciting find by palaeontologists in the region as it does not match any other known species of dinosaur.

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