Guy Builds An Adorably Tiny Picnic Table For Squirrels In His Backyard

Squirrels are one of the daily visitors that we encounter in our gardens. After all what is the purpose of a garden without squirrels to add beauty to it? These adorable creatures are one of a kind and we humans love to observe the behavior of these animals. Rick Kalinowski became popular on the internet after the little eating spot that he created for the local squirrels went viral. He is undoubtedly a creative squirrel lover. Rick’s aim was to show some love to all the squirrels who visit his backyard. He wanted these cute little furballs to feel at home.

This creative individual used wood to design a mini picnic table for the squirrels to sit and enjoy their meals on. He then nailed the picnic table to his fence. After Rick completed his tiny project, he then laid out a spread of nuts hoping that it might grab the attention of these adorable creatures and encourage them to visit his picnic table. Soon the first guest arrived at the mini squirrel restaurant for his meal and remained on the bench for a while.

Rick managed to capture a video and some photographs of the squirrel on the mini picnic table and according to the looks of it the squirrel seemed very satisfied with his meal.

The video shows the squirrel munching on the nuts happily. According to Rick, the squirrels visit the picnic table twice a day to enjoy a meal there and relax on the picnic bench like a human would. “I really believe they love it” commented Kalinowski. Rick’s creation is a great idea because even the placement of the table is ideal since it is right outside the window where he has his coffee in the morning.

It allows him to enjoy the view of the squirrels eating on his bench while he sips his morning coffee. Rick can revel in the moment along with the squirrels. “I appreciate them and they appreciate me” he said. His idea is absolutely ingenious don’t you think?

Image/Video Credit & More Info; Rick Kalinowski | H/T; thedodo


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