Hilarious Video Of Angry Ducks Disturb Golf Game By Chasing Alligator Down The Course

Probably a few of us know there’s a marvelous little word ‘monachopsis’  to describe a feeling most of us have from time to time and yes, we’re talking about the subtle sensation of being out of place for what seems like no reason at all. Despite that, we keep wondering if it’s us or the world surrounding us, or anything else but the answer is just absent.

That’s exactly how this alligator should have felt marching across a huge empty field while being watched by these strange two-legged creatures in little awkward looking carts – sure would give a penny for his thoughts. Scroll down for the whole story!

This gator marched right into a golf course

This alligator just marched into the middle of a golf course during the second annual Christie’s Critters Invitational on The Champion Course at PGA National while the golfers observed him from the safety of their golf carts.

And a flock of wild ducks followed him

It couldn’t be said that safety was a concern for these ducks as well though since they quickly joined into this march angrily quacking at the poor reptile the whole time while he was on this hilarious stroll.

Making it a real slow-motion chase

This time, the strength indeed lay in numbers since the huge reptile didn’t even try to scare them away and slowly moved away from the furious flock.

Watch the video of the hilarious chase below!

The Internet sure was amused by this encounter


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