Horrifying Scene of Starving Snakes Engaged in Cannibalistic Feeding Frenzy

After swallowing the prey’s head whole, the attacker took several more hours to consume the remaining body completely.


The brown snake’s preferred menu includes mice, frogs, and lizards, but when hungry, they can turn into flesh-eating monsters themselves. A large brown snake swallowed a gruesome snake of comparable size to satisfy its insatiable hunger.

Rùng rợn cảnh tượng rắn đói lao vào ăn thịt nhau - Ảnh 2.

Cannibalistic scene of snakes devouring each other.

Horrifying scene of starving snakes engaging in cannibalistic feeding frenzy – Photo 2. The brown snake gorging on a larger snake due to extreme hunger.

cuoc chien ki la cua ran cuc doc bi ran lon hon an thit hinh anh 1

Snake hunters Norman and Sally Hill witnessed this chilling story at a house near Ipswich, Australia, on January 2nd. It took several hours for the starving snake to consume the entire body of the gigantic prey.

cuoc chien ki la cua ran cuc doc bi ran lon hon an thit hinh anh 2

Sally mentioned that in her years of interacting with snakes, she had never encountered such a bizarre incident. Based on her understanding, she believes that the increasing snake population combined with limited food resources has led to this survivalist behavior.

cuoc chien ki la cua ran cuc doc bi ran lon hon an thit hinh anh 3



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