How Adorable The Beautiful Bond Between Dog And His Owl Friend

The unlikeliest of friendships are the most beautiful ones and this is all the proof you need. The unique friendship between Ingo, the shepherd dog, and Poldi, the owl, went viral on social media when it was shared a few years ago. Now we come to you with even more photographs of the doggo and his owl friends. Ingo and his owl friends are a part of Tanja Brandt’s family.

She is an amazing animal photographer who uses these feathered and furry creatures as inspiration for her photographs. They are the perfect models to showcase the beautiful bond between two very different species. Tanja has loved animals since she was a small child. Her parents felt differently and this is why she used to hide all sorts of pets she came across. She believes that many people could learn from the power, beauty, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals.

#1. Meet my buddy the owl.

#2. Autumn is the perfect time to play hide-and-seek.

#3. Fetch-a-stick owl version.

#4. You can literally see the two buddies smiling.

#5. Owl: I own this doggo.

#6. It is mandatory for best friends to stare into each other’s eyes.

#7. Owl: I told him not to bite that branch.

#8. It’s time for hugs.

#9. Me and my two owl buddies posing for a picture.

#10. Look at how comfortable they are with one another.

#11. Just admiring my owl friend’s beauty.

#12. Looking bold as bold can be.

#13. They are like friends in a fairytale.

#14. This is how we hide from the rain.

#15. Grumpy little owl and sleepy doggo.

#16. We were definitely looking at something interesting. Can’t remember what it was though.

#17. Playing chess with my intelligent buddy, the owl.

#18. Looking picture perfect.

#19. We share a bond that is both deep and strong.

#20. How adorable are we with our faces against each other?

#21. Playing fetch with an owl on a stick.

#22. Don’t we just look cute together?

#23. Hooman we feel tired after posing for all these pictures.

#24. We need to get paid for our posing skills.

#25. I’ll look at you and you look at something else.

#26. Cuddling in the winter be like.

#27. And here’s an up-close picture of us.

#28. Just me and my buddy staring at the photographer.

#29. Dog: You’ll have to deal with me if you touch my owl friends.

#30. Carrying my best bud on a stick be like.


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