Kardashian’s $2 Million Worth Car Collection Leaves Internet Shocked; Netizens Show No Mercy In Trolling Her: “She Doesn’t Even Have Her Driver’s License

Kardashian’s $2 Million Worth Car Collection Leaves Internet Shocked; Netizens Show No Mercy In Trolling Her: “She Doesn’t Even Have Her Driver’s License


Socialite Kim Kardashian Got Trolled After Her Insane Car Collection Got Leaked On The Internet ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Social media star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian seems to be crazy about cars as a leaked picture from her home in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles has revealed her insane car collection. In a rare picture, all the cars from the Kardashian house were seen parked together in a huge open space.


Prior to the latest photos taken, Kim Kardashian in 2022 showed off a few of her favourite cars from her garage which included a Lamborghini Urus ɱaпsory, the Rolls-Royce Ghost, and her Maybach sedan while revealing that she wanted her cars to match the colour of her house. Read on to know more about the latest leaked pics.

TMZ obtained the latest image of the expensive cars lined up outside Kim Kardashian’s house. Interestingly, all the cars were of the same colour which also got noticed by the Internet. According to the publication, eight fancy cars were clicked at Kardashian’s house. Two grey Range Rover Autobiography worth $400K were parked in grey hue colour. The other four-wheelers spotted at the luxury property were a 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost, reportedly worth $400K, two 2023 Cadillac Escalades worth $200K each, a 2022 Maybach GLS 600 worth $250K, a 2022 Maybach S580 worth $250K, and a 2022 Lamborghini Urus ɱaпsory worth a whopping $400K. According to reports, the total value of Kim’s cars stands at more than $2 million.

Social media users did not waste any ᴛι̇ɱe in trolling Kim Kardashian for spending her money on such a big fleet of cars. “One would have to be impressed, or care, about these types of things..this family wealth is on display relentlessly”, said one user as another posted, “nd none of them are for driving (besides the Urus), just to be driven around in.”

The next one shared, “And she doesn’t even have her drivers license, and a dozen chauffeurs” whereas, the next one asked, “Is she color blind everything is one color?” One user tweeted, “Does that family practice philanthropy? Any of them?”

An individual stated, “And sitting outside in the hot sun. Makes sense. All those buildings and not one ɱaп there to suggest a big inside garage.” One posted, “Apparently she has settled on a color but not a make or model.” One user sarcastically added, “You can buy a few homes with those price tags. Another quipped, “Not impressed. Very common cars. She’s broke.” And, one concluded, “She should do something more meaningful with all that money.”

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