Large cube UFO mysteriously appeared in a thunderstorm

A new video posted on the website of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has sparked debate in the UFO community.

On September 28, a video taken in New Jersey, USA, shows a mysterious cube-shaped UFO hiding in the clouds during a thunderstorm.

Every night, when the sun is hidden in our planet’s great shadow, the Universe is revealed as a glorious repository of miracles and an invitation to explore the mysteries that lie beyond our galaxy.

But millions of people are wondering if there is any life out there. More and more scientists believe that there are numerous intelligent civilizations on other planets that we have yet to discover. However, it is possible that they have been among us for hundreds or thousands of years.

The new video has sparked a number of social media discussions.

“I took out my phone to record a strange silent electrical storm,” the witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, explains in the video’s description. “I noticed what appears to be a cube shape in the clouds after reviewing the images.”

The images depict a cloud formation caused by lightning striking the night sky. However, it appears that the source of the rays is some sort of massive structure that becomes visible for a few seconds. Scott C. Waring, a well-known ufologist, examined the video. Waring proposed that alien civilizations use lightning to power their ships after viewing the images.

“It is widely accepted among researchers that UFOs cause natural disasters,” Waring writes on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “UFOs also cause lightning bolts for unknown reasons, but when they are in the area, the speed of the UFOs increases and the movement frequently becomes erratic and unpredictable.”

So I’d guess that the UFOs are sending out the beam to collect some of their energy or special energy particles that we haven’t discovered yet but that can be used to power the alien ship. This is unequivocal proof that UFOs cause lightning strikes.

MUFON’s viral video has gone viral on social media. мคหy Internet users have also expressed their thoughts on this sighting. The fact that several people who saw the video said they had also seen similar cube-shaped UFOs this month has gotten the most attention.

On October 8, a witness reported seeing a type of illuminated portal flying over Virginia Beach, USA, for more than a kilometer. According to MUFON, the light is not a door, but rather the outline of a UFO that has descended from the sky. The UFO, as seen in the images, pushes the clouds slightly by drawing a thin line around their edges, allowing the outline of the strange object to be seen.

It was 100 percent irrefutable proof, according to the witness, that aliens observe humans from hidden locations. The most skeptics, however, argue that the’ship’ is simply a light and shadow effect that transforms an oddly shaped cloud into something more fantastic.



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