Lion surprises the photographer with a roar and then winks at him in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Photography is an art that just not only a piece of art and it gives you so many experiences too. Gren Sowerby, 69 is a photographer taking pictures of animals, landscapes, and also people around the world.

Maasai Mara in Kenya is such a popular place among photographers and he also went there to take his adventure. He is familiar with safari and capturing the wild animals.

He leaned in and got close to the big cat. And then it suddenly let out a massive roar all over the safari.

He gasped but continued to snap the pictures of the ferocious lion. those stunning clicks went viral and, you will know why after seeing them. You may see the smile it gave after the roar.

It feels like he roars to say I am the king of the jungle and then wink like “Haha! Kidding!”

Gren was 10-15 meters away from the lion when he saw it with a lioness. She was crossing a stream and he believes that they had a kill in the bushes. And, he thinks the lion roar, just to say that he was full.

Gren has been a photographer for over 37 years! He knows what he doing and, the clicks will give you the proof!

He says that the king of the jungle is always something you have to go to capture! Yes, it is! And he is overjoyed because he managed to get the shot!

He was really happy with the photos he captured. And he had only looked at them properly once he get home.


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