Male Orangutan Raising His 2-year-old Daughter, Cerah after Her Mom Left Her Forever

Motherhood is priceless. It plays an essential role in the childhood of the children. Mothers take care of their children, support them, and love them unconditionally. Nothing can compare the love of a mother to their children. Even when the kids are grown up and leave home, mothers are still an unreplaceable part of their life.

That’s why the children may face an enormous loss when their moms leave them forever. The fathers, then step up to take care of their children. This is not strange with humans but exceptional to the world of orangutans. Keep scrolling to know more!

In the wild, male orangutans don’t join females in raising their offspring. Female orangutans bear full responsibilities, so they create a strong, special bond with their children.

But Berani the male orangutan at the Denver Zoo, Colorado broke the rule. He takes the unusual job on his own – raising his 2-year-old daughter, Cerah after she was motherless.

Cerah’s mother, Nias died unexpectedly on December 17 at Denver Zoo, Colorado. The little girl’s father came to her immediately and took the role of a mother. This has never happened before.

Surprisingly, the orangutan dad takes care of his little daughter so well. Just look at heart-warming photos of them snuggling!


Berani may be clumsy at first but he has done an excellent job. He loves his daughter in the way that a normal human dad is supposed to do. He and his little Cerah have grown inseparable.

“Cerah couldn’t have asked for a better dad. Berani is so attentive and protective of her, seeing all her needs,” the zookeepers said in a Facebook post shared two days ago.

According to Carlie McGuire, the Public Relations Coordinator at the Denver Zoo, Berani the orangutan showed his potential to be a good dad. He treated Hesty, Nias’ first daughter, like his own offspring although she is not his biological daughter.

If you love the simple yet powerful fatherhood of Berani and Cerah the orangutans, just share this post with your family and friends.




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