Mama Bear Shaking Her Naughty Cub Off A Tree Makes People’s Hearts Pump Out Of Their Chests

Every child needs discipline, and every parent has to teach their kids lessons. It doesn’t matter what species of parents are, educate mischievous children is necessary. Animals and humans have a lot in common more than we thought. Even if they can’t speak, they do have their unique ways of doing things. When it comes to parenting, every mom and dad having naughty kids will feel relatable.

Björk is a famous Bernese brown bear habituating in BärenPark in Switzerland. Thanks to her cubs, Finn and Ursina, the bear park draws a lot of attention. This bear family always stirs up the place. Animal lovers coming here fall for her cuteness and have watched her grow up and become a mother.

Mama Björk is very protective and a little strict. One day, she saw one of her cubs on top of a small, thin tree, and she couldn’t let it pass. Mama Bear approached her cub immediately and started to try some solutions to get him off.

Firstly, she shook the tree, but the stubborn baby bear managed to cling to it. While his mama was afraid he might fall and hurt himself, the cub didn’t seem to want to come down to her.

Secondly, Björk bent the tree with her hands and teeth. The trick would have worked if she hadn’t felt the sore and released the tree. Her cub didn’t let go, so she needed another method.

Thirdly, the mama bear tried climbing the tree to pull the cub down. Still, she realized the tree couldn’t bear her weight and had to step back on the ground. The cub’s position was maintained like before.


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