Man Turns Honey-Stealing Bears Into Taste Testers And He Wasn’t Disappointed With The Result

The love bears have for honey is really out of this world!

Sometimes, this love pushes them into raiding beehives, and you know what that means to a beekeeper.

These unwelcomed guests in bee farms once visited a bee farm in Trabzon, Turkey, whose beekeeper was named Ibrahim Sedef.

He had been striving to stop these bears from ruining the hives in the bid of trying to get that precious honey. 

He once tried using a metal cage around the bee farm and also attempted leaving fruits and bread but the bears didn’t want all that.

Then one day, he came up with a stunning idea, and he decided to turn them into taste testers! 

This idea came after he had installed a camera in the bee farm to monitor the behavior of the bears and he noticed they were great taste testers.

He tested them with 4 kinds of honey and wasn’t disappointed with the result. It turned out that the bears had a rare taste.

Ibrahim Sedef later revealed that the bears were drawn by the smell of Anzer honey as it was often the first kind of honey they tasted.

Sometimes, they recognized it without even touching the honey. What an interesting discovery!