Meet Barry the Canary, It’s Hair Looks Like A Perfectly Done Bowl Cut.

Barry is an adorable Gloster canary with a groovy head of hair. And what is so special about his hair? It looks like a perfectly done bowl cut.

Gloster canaries originated from the Canary Islands, but they are not seen in the wild. They are the result that decades of selective breeding lead to. There are two varieties of Gloster canaries: Consorts (smooth heads) and Coronas (crested heads). Barry belongs to the second variety and he has adorable hair.

The birds sporting cute “Beatles haircuts” are not very social with human beings. They are not as good with humans as parrots are. However, they are known to be avid and talented singers, making them very popular.

Here we have listed the cutest photos of Barry the Canary.

“On the 26th of July we went to a pet shop to look for the perfect bird,” Barry’s owner told. “We came back on the 27th and thought he was definitely the one!”


“We believe he is 1 and a half years old but we have no proof (Glosters can live 7 – 12 years),” the owner told us. “There are two types of gloster canaries, one being consorts they are the ones without the fringe and the others are coronas with the fringe and it’s pretty obvious which category Barry falls under!”


“Barry absolutely adores going out in his bird carrier,” said Barry’s owner. “We will walk around parks and fields and he will tweet and hop with excitement.”


“He also loves sitting on the window still and singing,” Barry’s owner said.


Talking about how popular Barry is now, his owner told: “I never expected to exceed 1k followers but we love and appreciate every single one of Barry’s followers!”

Now he kind of changed his hair and “I’m the bird with the fringe!” says on his Instagram bio. And he has more than 10k followers now.


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