Meet The World’s Tallest & Biggest Cow That Weighing 2,300 Pounds.

Meet Danniel, everyone! The giant bovine, which weighs 2,300 pounds, is thought to be the world’s tallest and largest cow. His proud owners are from the Netherlands, and they’ve provided some fascinating insight into what it’s like to care for a cow the size of Danniel.

They estimate that the massive cow consumes 100 pounds of hay, 15 pounds of grain, drinks 100 gallons of water, and excretes 150 pounds of waste. And all of this happened in a single day. As you might expect, raising a cow like Danniel comes at a high price, but his owners say it’s all worth it.

They’re now attempting to have Danniel measured for Guinness World Records in the hopes of having him recognized as the world’s tallest bovine. If you ask me, the cow is more than deserving of this honor.

The massive Holstein steer stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall, which is taller than the average man. The footage of Danniel in the presence of humans is incredible! Also, when compared to other cows, the cow is a giant!

People have expressed an interest in visiting the Netherlands to see Danniel since images and videos of the massive cow began circulating online.

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