Mysterious: The road that splits the sea only appears twice a year in Korea

This legendary road has been present for nearly a hundred years in Korea. Every time in February and June, the sea slowly separates, revealing a road 2.8 km long and about 40m wide.

In particular, the road is only visible in the first hour, connecting the two islands of Jindo and Modo, which takes place in a few days, then the sea will slowly cover up.

South Korea: Mysteriously the sea splits itself in two for a few days and then reassembles itselfThis legendary road has been present for nearly a hundred years in Korea. (Photo via tourkorealove)

During those few days of existence, the Koreans have traditionally held the Jindo Sea Festival in two, attracting millions of visitors to see with their own eyes like a wonder, they can stroll down the road from the island From one island to another, take pictures together, admire the scenery, and the locals compete to dig in the sand to pick up mussels, oysters, algae…

They can stroll on the road from one island to another, take pictures together, enjoy the scenery, and the locals compete to dig in the sand to pick up mussels, oysters, algae… (Photo via Channel14)

Coming to the Jindo Sea Walking Festival, visitors can also experience many interesting activities held such as a magnificent parade, ethnic dances and songs, and the performance of Jindogae – a hunting dog with a unique source. Original from Korea.

Many interesting festivals are organized. (Photo via VNE)

Foreign tourists are also excited to participate. (Photo via Tourchaua)

In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the famous signature Jindo Hongju wine here, or experience the processes from ginseng digging to processing into dishes, traditional herbs… Customers can also buy “genuine” ginseng products but at cheap prices.

The Legend of “The Miracle of Moses”

The special thing about this island, although it has existed for hundreds of years, has only been famous since 1970, when the French emissary Pierre Landy witnessed the miracle of the road with his own eyes.


The Legend of “The Miracle of Moses”. (Photo via Channel 14)

He likened it to a “Miracle of Moses”, Pierre’s call reminds people of the biblical phenomenon of the Red Sea being split.



The Old Testament tells that the ancient Jews had to be slaves in Egypt, life was extremely miserable. Saint Moses, in order to free the nation from its misery, led 600,000 people with their luggage to flee according to the Lord’s instructions. On the way, Moses’ army had to cross the Sinai peninsula.

The Egyptian Pharaoh at that time did not keep his promise, he sent his army to chase the runaway slaves. The Jews then fled to the Red Sea when the army overtook them. In the moment of danger, Saint Moses immediately used his magic, raised his hand towards the sea, suddenly the sea surface split in two so that the Jews could continue to flee. When they had reached the other side, Moses again blessed the sea to return to normal, covering the chariots and cavalry of the Egyptian soldiers.

Pierre’s story at that time caused a lot of heated controversy among scientists as well as people in Europe.

This path has been controversial in the scientific world. (Photo via Channel 14)

Many people at that time considered Pierre a liar. It all ended when French scientists went to Korea to prove what Pierre said. In the end, they witnessed this unique phenomenon with their own eyes and had to admit the existence of the road in the middle of the sea.

For Koreans, there is another mysterious legend…

Unlike the legend of Saint Moses mentioned by the French messenger. Koreans also pass on a mysterious legend. Legend has it that in the past, Jindo Island was often harassed by fierce tigers. This animal entered the village, eating the local people. So all decided to run away, migrate to Modo Island to live. However, that trip left the family of the old lady Bbyong.

Legend of the woman and the tiger. (Photo via Channel 14)

Mrs. Bbyong and her relatives have to live in fear of fierce tigers every day. She always prayed to the Sea God to help her, so much so that at times she fell into despair.

Moved by her plight, the Sea God Yongwang warned Mrs. Bbyong in a dream that there would be a rainbow in the sea to help her family escape. In addition, there is also a version that, before Bbyong’s earnest plea, the sea god appeared and immediately helped Bbyong.

The next morning, Mrs. Bbyong and her relatives went to the sea to see the sea water split in half, revealing a dirt road. Wherever her family went, the sea returned there, preventing the tigers from crossing the ocean. So Mrs. Bbyong escaped the life-and-death disaster.

This story is still handed down by Koreans from generation to generation as their interpretation of the strange road in the middle of the sea.

Although some scientists hypothesize that this phenomenon is caused by the effect of gravity, for local people, they still believe in folk legends left by ancestors. That’s why they consider this as a very normal phenomenon of heaven for them for the past few hundred years, until the messenger Pierre Landy discovered this new road.



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