Newborn baby is born ready for the spotlight

Just taken oᴜt of the womb this boy had fun welcoming the new world by “creating” strangely like no other.

The moment the boy raised his clenched fist in front of the superhuman symbol when he had just come oᴜt of his mother’s womb was lucky to be taken right back by his father. Bree Jessica from New South Wales (Australia) gave birth to baby Harry at 40th week of pregnancy, she was slaughtered because her baby’s size and weight were quite large, The baby weighs 4kg when born.

Little Harry ” poses” like a superman when he has just been removed from his mother’s womb

“This is such a surreal experience, when you see your child born and see him for the first time in life”, Jessica shared the moment when she gave birth to Harry.

Recounting the moment when she was in the operating room, Ms. Bree said she was very ready to meet her son before the caesarean section began. “My husband was in the delivery room with me and only left when I was injected with epidural anesthesia. And then 20 minutes, the doctors lowered the сᴜгtаіп, I was raised to be able to see the scene where I was taken oᴜt. My husband took that picture and that was the moment I saw him for the first time”.

Baby Harry is now 6 years old

However the feverish photo was taken 6 years earlier but has recently been uploaded to Instagram

Ms. Bree said the photo was shared on Instagram to raise awareness about cesarean section

Although little Harry was born six years ago, Jessica said she had only shared the photo recently after being shared by a friend A story to raise awareness about cesarean delivery.

“I have never shown anyone a picture or have any thoughts on it, but then my friend asked if I had any photos of the caesarean section, and then she posted this picture on Instagram. The photo is really supported by many people”.

Bree also said she wanted to: “Passing рoweг to other women who have a caesarean section. I’m proud to see my son’s photo so popular”.


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