Panic over monstrous 13ft great white shark ‘Breton’ tracked dangerously close to Florida beach

Panic over monstrous 13ft great white shark ‘Breton’ tracked dangerously close to Florida beach

A huge great white shark has caused panic after being found just off the coast of a busy lagoon system in the US.

The monstrous sea creature, known as Breton, was spotted by a tracker hosted by ocean research organisation OCEARCH in Florida.

OCEARCH marks the locations of great white sharks in order to learn more about the endangered creatures behaviours.

They are tagged as a “ping” on the state-of-the-art tracker when their fins come into contact with the surface of water.

Breton reportedly weighs almost 1,500 pounds and terrifyingly measures over 13 feet.

The Indian River Lagoon is made up by a number of rivers and lagoons – located on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Florida’s Atlantic coast is mostly known for its bull sharks but great white sharks have been known to swim through the system before.

The scary creatures often make their way into the waterway when there is a large amount of prey in the area.

Breton was swimming close to to the North Carolina shore in May.

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He wasn’t the only great white shark in the area either, in fact, he was joined by Ironbound, a 1,000-pound great white shark.

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Even though great white sharks usually travel in solidarity, two of them were spotted swimming in the same directions recently.

In other news, a fisherman has had a Jaws-like moment when he was out on an angling trip with his son and got into inches close to a great white shark.


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