Residents of Bolivia took part in the investigation of a crashed UFO that included an alien astronaut (Video)

Even though there have been hundreds, if not thousands of reports of extraterrestrial sightings this year alone, most government institutions still think that we will remain silent and not question our reality.

But why would they continue to maintain this pretense? Why do they continue to mislead us? Do they collaborate with aliens? We are unsure for sure. We do know, however, that reports of sightings have been increasing recently.

Take the most recent alien encounter, which occurred around May 20, 2016, as an example. Around ten o’clock in the evening, this is said to have occurred near a residential neighborhood of El Dorado in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.Here, more than a dozen witnesses have described seeing what they believed to be a huge UFO come crashing down in a neighboring area.

A bizarre extraterrestrial emerged from the UFO and started racing frantically from corner to corner not long after the crashing noise draw

need out all other sounds in the vicinity.A bunch of schoolchildren reported having seen it climbing up a tree in an attempt to get back into the ship only to try to run away from the incoming crowd of people soon after.

Some even reported having spotted the alien trying to break in some nearby houses for shelter. It was relatively small and it crawled up a tree very easily thanks to its extremely long arms and fingers.

UFO blogger and expert Scott C. Waring reported on it as he also interviewed all of the witnesses there.