Russian Woman And Her Giant Friends Enjoys Spending Time ‘Fishing’ Together In A Forest Lake

As we know, bears love fish and often hunt them to satisfy their empty bellies. But have you ever seen a huge bear sharing a boat with a human and fishing together? It sounds crazy, but this is true story that happens in Russia.

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

Meet Veronika Dichka and her huge animal companion, a brown bear named Archie! The couple enjoys spending time ‘fishing’ together in a forest lake in their native Novosibirsk. Just like other friends, the pair admire each other and cherish every moment together.

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

Veronika rescued Archie from a safari park that was running out of business two years ago. Since he cannot be released back into the wild, she keeps him as a pet. She spends her time taking care of him, and they become inseparably together.

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

“We rescued him from the safari park but can’t release him into the wild as he has lived in captivity his whole life. He sees me as a member of his family, we share food, [he] sleeps in my arms when afraid, and hides behind me,” Veronika said.

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

Their unusual relationship has been captured by a photographer. They had beautiful pictures fishing, and here are the best ones.

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronik

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

Image source: Instagram / fishing_veronika

“Archie spends every day with us and is madly in love with water. He loves it very much when I take him to new places, so this shooting was a pleasure for him!”

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